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The New Coastal Contemporary

Clean lines. Open spaces. Clear design language. Coastal contemporary home designs are the new desire among homeowners. Brightly colored, cluttered, houses are becoming a thing of the past as the concept of a minimalistic and neutral toned lifestyle grows throughout society. Simple yet inviting, contemporary coastal is becoming a huge trend in not only the design world, but it is also growing in customer demand as well.

Contemporary coastal architecture is built on the concept of straight, clean lines. The linear concept of the homes not only project rooms with the perfect amount of natural lighting, but it also allows space for floor to ceiling windows, clerestories, and parallel overhangs. Floor plans are open, providing occupants with freeing spaces that pair nicely with modern design’s minimalistic concept.

Color and lighting define the interior of contemporary, coastally designed homes. Floor to ceiling windows cast social spaces with bright, natural lighting. Color schemes consist of cool and warm hues. Walls and flooring often have chromatic neutral or earthy tones. While natural lighting irradiates the home during the day, ambient and decorative lighting with an industrial modern flare illuminates the home at night.

Natural materials, textures and geometric shapes are incorporated into the decor of every room. Furnishings embody coastal inspired shapes, such as a wave in the ocean or the peak of a sand dune. Large, naturally figured statement pieces and coastal accent colors are the focal point of the rooms. The structure of the homes are based around minimalistic concepts. Clear, spatial, and uncluttered.

Contemporary coastal design takes the concept of traditional maritime themed houses and brings about a more modern, peaceful and natural vibe. Minimalistic layouts provide the perfect amount of living space. The natural lighting and open windows brings the outdoors closer than ever before.


by DesignMarket

Here at DesignMarket, We believe that architectural design describes a way of life through aesthetics in a structure. We strongly believe that a house is more than just a structure created through forms/materials. a house - particularly in residential architecture ‘a home’ - should fulfill a vision of happiness that unfolds within the space and enhances the way we live. From our perspective, we think that somewhere along the way, a strong disconnect formed between where we live and how we live. At DesignMarket, we believe that in a modern and healthy lifestyle, the where and how should go hand-in-hand.

We take coastal contemporary concepts and conventional southern details and give them a unique, distinctive, Florida flare. By basing our designs on Florida modern architecture, we strive to combine living spaces with the outdoors, bringing our customers the best of both worlds. We focus on bringing indoor gatherings outside by utilizing additions like balconies or courtyards. We use natural lighting to illuminate the home through large, wall-spanning windows and clerestories and by filtrating light through shutters or trellises. We shade the interior of buildings with large ledges and eaves to naturally cool the house and save energy. In our minimalistic layouts, we integrate breezeways between private rooms. We believe that materials and forms are the tools that if used correctly, create a sense of beauty in a house. That is why we use lots of natural materials, textures and neutral, Earthy and coastal tones for our decor concepts. These concepts help us articulate the ideas of a good life through a permanent space. That’s why at DesignMarket, we have a distinguished dedication to creating spaces that promote a modern lifestyle and an overall well-being.


by DesignMarket


by DesignMarket

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